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MAN - Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods / ADR to 98/91/EC:

Rollover stability to ECE-R111:

The permits and statements are available here in their most recent versions and sorted according to vehicle model and variant. They can be downloaded as pdf documents. If you need documents which are no longer listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail:

Dangerous goods / ADR to 98/91/EG
TGA/TGS/TGX Extension 32 (PDF, 5.800 KB, 01/2014)
TGL/TGM Extension 15 (PDF, 0.650 KB, 06/2013)
M2000 (PDF, 1.900 KB, 12/2005)
M2000-L (PDF, 2.146 KB, 12/1998)
L2000 (PDF, 1.500 KB, 12/2005)

Dangerous goods / ADR to UNR-105
TGS/TGX with approval number E4-105R/06/01-0010 EXT26 (PDF, 20.000 KB, 09/2021)
TGL/TGM with approval number E4-105R/06/01-0011 EXT15 (PDF, 2.200 KB, 09/2021)

Rollover stability to EEC-R111 (appendices separate)
M2000 (PDF, 0.370 KB, 06/2004)
L2000 (PDF, 0.653 KB, 06/2004)
Appendices for M2000 type (PDF, 0.258 KB, 08/2010)
Appendices for L2000 type (PDF, 0.457 KB, 08/2010)

Rollover stability to EEC-R111 (including appendices)
TGS/TGX Statement (PDF, 1.350 KB, 06/2012)
TGL/TGM Statement (PDF, 1.200 KB, 06/2012)
TGA (PDF, 1.350 KB, 03/2007)
M2000 (PDF, 0.947 KB, 06/2004)
L2000 (PDF, 0.937 KB, 06/2004)