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Data sheets verifying the rollover stability to ECE-R111

The calculations in the data sheets of rollover stability and the basic data have been checked by

TÜV SÜD - Automotive GmbH
Daimlerstraße 11
D-85748 Garching

and approved by the Dutch approval authority RDW. The data are updated at regular intervals and current calculations are carried out if required. The body manufacturer is obliged to ascertain about the current status of the data sheets before starting to work on the body. The basis for the verification to ECE-R111 is the data sheet valid at the time the work on the body starts.

For planning the body and for registration it is important to note that the data sheets only contain a limit curve. This limit curve is calculated with a standard chassis and the standard tyres. This means that if a body's dimensions lead to a curve just slightly below the limit curve, the criteria for rollover stability can be safely fulfilled by changing the tyres to a smaller size. In case of changing the tyres to a larger size the rollover stability has to be verified completely new.

Vehicle model:

Vehicle model


Model definition
Ride height


Measure from the rear axle centreline to the frame lower edge, measured in [mm]. e.g. FN200 is equal to 200mm


Technically permissible gross train weight of vehicle in [t]
Wheel formula /
tyre size


Definition of the tyre type of the rear axle or of the standard tyre size for the vehicle Standard tyre size = e.g. 315/70R22.5 Wheel formula = e.g. 8x2-4 (number of the wheel places altogether x number of the driven wheels / number of steered wheels)

Driver's cab


Cab variant / M, L, LX, Xl, XLX, XXL


High-load rollover stability package.
Drawing number


Drawing number for department use only. Please mention this number in case of any request.


Number of pages of the PDF.


Index of changes of PDF.

The rollover stability to ECE-R111 for semitrailer tractors is calculated only in combination with the tanker semitrailer. The calculation bases for this are only the fifth-wheel load and the rear axle track width. The permissible fifth-wheel load can be found in the vehicle papers or on the factory plate. The track width can be found on the chassis drawing (see or measured directly on the truck.