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The current and fast online access to technical vehicle data, aggregate and chassis drawings, gearbox and power take-off data as well as Guide To Fitting Bodies.

Because of maintenance the MANTED® application is not available on 2022-06-26 from 09 am until 03 pm CEST.

MANTED online applications

Technical services can be requested worldwide by online applications within your personal MANTED®-Access

confirmation forms

Here you'll find forms about vehicle-related confirmations, the price list and address, fax and email of contact persons.

Guideline To Fitting Bodies

L-M-F 2000 und Trucknology® Generation TG (TGA-TGL-TGM-TGX-TGS)


Authorisations according to ADR 2007 resp. 98/91/EG, permanent braking effect tables and data sheets to ECE-R111.